Blue Wedding Dresses & Wedding Traditions – Fairy Tales 2023!

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Blue Wedding Dresses & Wedding Traditions – Fairy Tales 2023!

Long before deep blue was worn by bridesmaids, brides in Ireland were donning blue wedding gowns.

The colour blue symbolises love, peace, and loyalty and it is loved by every generation. It’s the shade of the sky and the blue of Sydney Harbour, and we can’t help but feel calm when we wear it, especially on your wedding day!

Whilst white is the colour of innocence and purity now, that distinction belonged to blue on the Emerald Isle. If you’re looking for Irish wedding traditions to incorporate into your big day, but you aren’t ready to go ‘ blue gown’ then perhaps the bridesmaids in blue would be perfect!

The traditional Irish bride wore a blue wedding dress rather than a white one. This colour was a symbol of purity in ancient times.

One of the Wedding trends at the moment would have to be Blue Wedding Dresses! They are so whimsical and magical ~ Definitely the ‘fairytale’ look.

It really is the ultimate way to take your ‘something blue’ to the next level and arrive in your gorgeous blue wedding dress!

Something Old ~ Something New

While you will be stepping outside the ‘traditional’ vibe for weddings at the moment – lots of brides are rocking out in this timeless shade as they tie the knot in 2023.

Power blue especially is universally flattering and has a royal, fairy-tale vibe ~ looking gorgeous no matter the season. We all love wedding dresses, and this has to be for the bride who wants to shine on her wedding day.

It is also thought to bring good luck to brides on their wedding days, and this age-old rhyme dates back to Victorian England and shows us four things you should wear on your big day.

• Something old

• Something new

• Something borrowed

• Something blue

And a sixpence in your shoe!

Back then, wearing something blue as you took each other’s hand and were wed was a tradition to ward off the evil eye and again symbolise purity and fertility.

Today, it’s a fun way to incorporate some colour into your wedding day!


Celtic handfasting

One of the oldest known marriage ceremony traditions belongs to the ancient Celts, who used the handfasting ceremony as a sort of mandatory waiting period before a couple was officially married. Now, Australians with and without Celtic roots have made this symbolic union one of the most popular Irish wedding traditions. Your Celebrant may have specific ways to do a handfasting ritual, generally, one or more ropes are tied around the couples' wrists as a symbol of two becoming one. This can be done at any point during the wedding ceremony, but is typically before, or during the vows

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A Celtic Blessing

A Celtic Blessing ~

May the God of peace, guard the door of your house

And the door of your heart

May the Road rise up to meet you

And the sun stand at your shoulder

May the wind be always at your back,

And the rains fall softly upon your fields

May life itself befriend you each day,

Each night, each step of your journey.

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