Overseas Couples Getting Married In Australia

If you are visiting Australia and getting married in Sydney or any other place, then all you have to do is to: Go to a Notary Public in your own city or town with your Notice of Intention of Marriage form, and have it signed and witnessed ~ you will need to show your ID. 

This document is used whether you are a visitor from overseas, or a resident of Australia, and it must be signed at least one month prior to your wedding. 

The document lasts for 18 months so it's a good idea to get it signed and posted to your celebrant as soon as possible (using registered post) 

Here are some tips that may be useful, if you are thinking about getting married in Australia! 

An Australian Marriage Celebrant will be the only Celebrant who can marry you! As an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, I am able to help you create your ceremony and finalise all legal documents, and have your Certificate of Marriage posted to your overseas address. 

After you have signed The Notice of Intention of Marriage, you then scan it to me, and post it to my address in Balmain.

Please see "Legals" for more information!

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