Naming Day Ceremonies

With Janet Lomax, Weddings I Do

This ceremony does not replace the need for you to register your baby's birth. A Naming Ceremony is a beautiful way for your child to be celebrated by you and your family and friends.

The Naming Ceremony creates a space for everyone to come together and celebrate either a birth or a special welcome into a new family from adopting parents. 

This Rite of Passage is unique to each and every family, as you create the ceremony to include your lives and your memories for this beautiful occasion. I give you my Naming Ceremony Planning manual, which is designed to help you to put together a beautiful and memorable Naming Rite of Passage Ceremony It is also a wonderful idea to include members of your family in the celebration, either older children or grandparents to make this day truly wonderful. 

Older children or grandparents can be involved in readings, poetry or simply acting as a mentor or guardian for your child. 

You may also like to choose a symbol for your Naming Ceremony, like the lighting of a candle, or the offering of a rose to each Grandparent or Guardian, or planting a tree or rose in your garden. 

In different cultures around the world Naming Ceremonies are performed differently. Names are important to bring good fortune. 

It is important to tell your family and guests at the ceremony why you have chosen this name, and its significance. This can be explained in the ceremony. Adults too, may choose to have a naming ceremony for various reasons, but mainly because they didn't experience a formal welcome ceremony in their childhood. 

You can also have a ceremony simply to celebrate a new stage in your life! Naming Certificates are usually presented to the child and other special members of the family during this ceremony. 

 The most perfect place for your ceremony is at home or in your local park. Most ceremonies take place outside, but it's always best to have a covered area close by, in case of rain. The most important thing is to enjoy your ceremony as a relaxed and happy event, and I will do all I can to ensure that the preparation and delivery goes as smoothly as possible. 

Let me know if you have any concerns or special requirements. I like to ensure that the ceremony represents your beliefs and desires and cultural diversity is respected at all times. Parts of the ceremony can be delivered by important friends or family members whom you consider close to you and your child, so speak to me about anything you want to incorporate that may not be listed in this manual. Any ritualism that you find supportive or comforting can be included in your ceremony

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