Getting Married at Sydney Observatory Hill

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Alice & Jack chose Observatory Hill as their beautiful romantic venue to celebrate their love and commitment with their family and friends from all around the world! Of course ~ under the fig tree with its massive sweep of shade of a hot day. The venue also includes a stunning Rotunda which was built in 1912 on the northern slope of Observatory Hill Park.

It represents a time in history when park-going became a large part of people’s leisure time and bands playing music in bandstands for the public were regular events.

Did you know...?

The earliest European development on Observatory Hill was the construction of the first windmill by Irish convict John Davis in 1796. The windmill was a stone tower fitted with machinery to grind wheat to make bread. This windmill subsided in 1800 and lost its sails in a storm in 1805. By then another windmill had been built in timber to the south. These early structures gave rise to the name Windmill Hill, and the district still bears the name Millers Point.

As the highest hill overlooking the settlement of Sydney, this area was the site of Fort Phillip built in 1800 and named after the colony’s first Governor. The fort was armed with four 6-pounder cannons and a gunpowder magazine. The powder magazine was moved to Goat Island in 1833, and Fort Phillip was partially demolished in 1840. Upper Fort Street commemorates Fort Phillip.

The southern hemisphere was regarded as an important site for astronomical observations so the first observatory was built in Sydney in 1788. The Observatory and Astronomer’s residence were built here in 1857-1859, incorporating a time ball which signalled the time to shipping in the harbour each day. Due to increasing light and pollution the observatory closed in 1982 and is now a museum.


The Sydney Observatory built in 1857-59 was a well-known landmark in Sydney and soon gave its name to the hill on which it stood.

Bureau of Meteorology

Rainfall on Observatory Hill is still a feature of Sydney weather reports. The Bureau of Meteorology moved here in 1908 although it has moved around the site over the years.

Bandstand Rotunda

The bandstand was built in 1912 and used for public musical performances. On the hill overlooking the Harbour and Bridge it is now a popular spot for weddings.

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Janet With Alice & Her Bridesmaids 

Janet With Alice & Her Bridesmaids 

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