Herb Garden & Pavilion ~ Royal Botanic Gardens

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Herb Garden & Pavilion

Herb Garden & Pavilion

‘Inhale the aromas’

The manicured Herb Garden and sandstone Pavilion offer a formal, elegant setting for your wedding ceremony.The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is a major botanical garden located in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Opened in 1816, the garden is the oldest scientific institution in Australia and one of the most important historic botanical institutions in the world

In the heat of summer, Wafts of rosemary, thyme and other delightful herbs will be enjoyed during and after your beautiful wedding – sitting in the heart of the Royal Botanic Gardens just along from the Con. Winter will find a totally different aroma – all just delightful, as you take your vows in this amazing location.


Herb Garden Pavilion & Lawn

The Royal Botanic Garden

Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney


Up to 60 guests

Other beautiful locations in this garden are:

Other beautiful locations in this garden are:

The main ponds in winter

The main ponds in winter

Main ponds looking towards the city

The Band Lawn

The ponds in summer, full of water plants

Glimpses of the harbour

Picnic lawns

Writings in bamboo plant at Royal Botanic Garden, Circular Quay, Sydney

Middle Gardens

The middle gardens feature the Palm House, the Wollemi Pine, the Succulent Garden, the Rare and Threatened Plant Garden, the Herbarium & Plant Sciences Building, the Lion Gate Lodge, the Begonia Garden and the Macquarie Wall and Spring Walk.

Palace Garden

The Palace Gardens feature the Tropical Centre (closed since 2013, pending redevelopment), the Rainforest Walk, the Pioneer Garden, the Morshead Fountain Gate, the Palace Garden Gate, the Rose Garden & Pavilion, the Turf Plots, the Old Mill Garden, the Herb Garden and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

The Old Mill Garden looking towards the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden

Calyx glass house and function centre in the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Bennelong Precinct

The Bennelong Precinct contains Government House, the Parade Ground, the Australian Native Rockery, Bennelong Lawn and the Queen Elizabeth II Gate.

Queen Elizabeth II Gate and seawall path immediately behind the Opera House

Open lawns in the Bennelong Precinct

Gateway to Government House

Government House gardens

The Opera House through the Government House gardens

 The Conservatorium of Music nestled in the Garden

The Palm Grove Centre features the Palm Grove itself, a Cafe, Garden Shop and the Botanic Gardens Restaurant.

Typical vegetation in the Palm Grove

Daniel Solander Library

The library at the Royal Botanic Gardens was established in 1852.[6] It is named after Daniel Solander (1733 - 1782) who was a student of Linnaeus[7] and held positions at the British Museum, including working in the library.[8][9] He was employed in 1768 by Joseph Banks to accompany him on James Cook's first voyage to the Pacific. On their return to England in 1771 he became Banks' botanist and librarian.

The library is the oldest botanical research library in Australia. The library has a collection of horticultural, botanic and taxonomic literature and is located within the National Herbarium of New South Wales which has samples collected by Banks and Solander on the voyage with James Cook amongst more than 1.2 million plant specimens.

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