Random Wedding Questions for Brides ~ 'Let's talk about the First Kiss?'

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Who lifts the Veil?

Random Wedding Questions for Brides

Q 1. Who lifts the veil?

In early Roman and Greek times, the bride wore a veil to protect herself from any evil spirits. As customs progressed in Europe, and many marriages were arranged, the bride wore a veil to conceal her face from the groom.

The idea was that the groom wouldn’t change his mind at the last moment from the first look of her overwhelming beauty. Quite the surprise that must have been!

There are two possible ways to lift the veil

1. The father lifts his daughter’s veil when they reach the groom. This means that the photos during the ceremony will be clear and not cloudy with the veil.

2. If you wish, you can leave the veil down during the entire ceremony, and then when I declare you to be husband and wife, then the groom lifts the veil and kisses his bride.

Q2. Where shall I wear my engagement ring?

I always suggest to my brides to leave their engagement ring on the finger it is on, as your groom needs a ‘target’ on his wedding day! ~ This gives a lot of certainty to the already rather nervous groom!

Is there a right way to do the 'First Kiss?'

Q3. Is there a right way to do the ‘first kiss?’

A beautiful kiss is all that is required. Do what comes naturally to you. Sometimes the bride takes the face of her groom and holds him in a kiss, or the groom kisses his bride beautifully! Remember the photographers need to capture this, so keep it going a few seconds!

Q4. Does the bride always toss the Bouquet?

Centuries ago, before tossing the bouquet was a tradition, a bouquet was made of aromatic bunches of garlic, fruit blossoms, herbs, and grains, which represented prosperity and were used as a belief to drive away evil spirits. Throughout the years, the herbs and grains were replaced by flowers. This symbolized happiness, fertility, and everlasting love.

Lots of brides these days create a simple bouquet especially for the toss to celebrate the good fortune of the happy couple. Today, there are many different ways to share your bouquet and the most commonly practiced, is having an alternative arrangement made specifically designed for this custom.

Brides love to keep their bouquets and this is a great way to enjoy the custom and hold on to the beautiful memory of your wedding day!

Whatever you decide to do with your bouquet, it will alwaysbe a cherished memento of your special day that you will cherish forever

Wedding Dance Etiquette ~ The First Dance

Q5. Wedding Dance Etiquette ~ The First Dance

Traditionally the bride & her partner take to the floor, dancing to their song. It is a dance that they share exclusively with each other, no one else is on the floor. This dance is a beautiful time for them to share a quiet moment to be with just each other.

Then the father of the bride will take his daughter for a special dance and at this point the groom with have the honour of dancing with his mother.

The traditional order of the bridal dance be modified to suit the bride and groom’s situation. There's typically the first dance, followed by the father-daughter dance, and then the mother-son dance. You might add additional dances as appropriate.

Q6. What makes the biggest impact on ambience

Lighting is really important to create the mood you are after. Soft warm lighting is much more flattering and candles are just gorgeous.

If you are having a vintage wedding, you can create a beautiful setting with candles and custom made calligraphy ~ with a touch of olive/rosemary. Create a mock up at home!

Dress Codes & Guest Lists?

Q7. How do I create a guest list?

You don't need to invite everyone, and the same goes for work friends!

Make sure that your list is full of relationships that you value now and will value later. Those are the people you'll want to take part in your day. And don't forget the cardinal rule: once you send a save the date, the guest is invited to the wedding, no questions asked. If you're on the fence about anyone, just hold off sending the initial invitation until you are absolutely sure.

Q8. Should I list a dress code on the invitation?

Yes, everyone wants to know ‘what should I wear’, and having a code makes life much easier for your guests.

Semi-Formal. A semi-formal sits just across a casual dress code.

Cocktail. A cocktail dress code sits just below a formal look

Formal. A formal dress code implies that black tie is optional.

Black Tie. More commonly used...

Q9. What Not to Wear to a Wedding

1. Never wear white to a wedding. You may upset the bride and that’s not a good idea. The only exception is when it’s a ‘white wedding’ and everyone is wearing white.

2. Don’t wear a dress that looks like the bridesmaid dress.

Q10. Children Free Weddings

Couples may have limited space, so sometimes with resources stretched, the couple prefer a child-free wedding. It is never meant to offend, just their preference. It’s often possible to have the children at the ceremony (which I love) and then have some child care for the reception.

Always show grace by accepting the couple’s decision. Remember it’s not personal, and simply based on their circumstances!


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