Southern National Park Wedding with a traditional Tea Ceremony.

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Erin & Justin celebrated their beautiful wedding on the banks of a sweeping river filled with paddleboats and ducks in the Southern National Park, finishing with a traditional Tea Ceremony.

Since the early days, Chinese tea ceremonies are truly treasured by the couple to honour their parents and grandparents and their culture

Erin & Justin served both families to represent the new relationship between the families.

Tea Ceremony History

Tea has always been an important commodity, both in China and in Europe and having a Tea Ceremony shows great respect to the bride & groom’s families.

The first records of tea came from the Tang Dynasty which is over 1,000 years ago. Japanese monks travelled to China and carried tea back to Japan, introducing it into their own culture, where the tea ceremony became quite formal & ritualised.

Today, the Bride & Groom often decide to have just one ceremony for both sides together, and if you are not sure as to how you present a tea ceremony, you simply follow these simple steps.

1. The Groom should always stand on the right, and the bride always on the left side.

2. Their parents should sit on chairs and wait for the newlyweds to kneel then serve the tea.

3. Order of serving is very important to show respect, so the parents will be served first, then the grandparents, grand uncles and aunts, uncles and aunts and then elder siblings

If you want more information….ask Janet

Janet With Justin & Erin

Janet With Justin & Erin

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