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Your Wedding Vows!

Vows ~ Weddings I Do   ~  

Vows would have to be the most important words that you use in your wedding or commitment ceremony!

They tell your partner exactly how you feel at this moment and what they mean to you, which means you being totally authentic to who you are and who you will be in the future.

Vows tell us your story and they can be simple and short, or deeper and more emotional. Remember, it’s your wedding so you should make it exactly as you want it to be and therefore just be true to yourself.

An important note to take when you are writing your own vows and they are to be kept secret until your ‘big day’ is to give your partner a ‘word count’ so that they can write a similar length.

If you were my bride or groom, I would give you with at least 30 different options for your vows, so that you can choose what connects with you! Your wedding vows are an expression of your commitment to each other, and can be repeated after me, or if you prefer, you can read them to each other! You may wish to write your own wedding vows, and that's easy too, just send me separate emails with your "secret vows" and I will leave them out of your ceremony until your wedding day!

Legal Substructure

Vows are the basic legal substructure of the Marriage Ceremony.

A definite statement of commitment must be made.

"I call upon everyone here today to witness that I (name) take you (name) to be my lawful wedded husband/wife/partner" Anything else may be included in the vows after this line.

The couple to face each other, hold both hands and repeat the vows, phrase by phrase after the celebrant.

Weddings I Do ~ Examples of Vows

Vows ~ examples from my Wedding Planner

1. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in times of happiness as well as adversity, while we both shall live.

2. I give myself to you, and I promise to love and cherish you for all the days of my life.

3. Above us are the stars, below us are the stones, As time does pass, remember Like a star our love should be constant Like a stone our love should be firm.

In my Wedding Planning folder I have at least 30 Vows for you!

Step 1. Simply choose one of the Vows from my wedding planner

Step 2. You may both choose the same Vows, or both choose different Vows

Step 3. You may wish to write your own Vows, so all you do is to email me "Your Secret Vows", and I only include them on the day of your wedding.

14th Centruy Vows!

The Oldest Wedding Vows ~ 1549

These vows are always in use in royal weddings and are still in use today which is a beautiful tradition, and are the oldest standard wedding vows which can be trace back to the Book of Common Prayer, by Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury:

"I, name, take thee, name, to be my wedded Husband,/Wife.

To have and to hold from this day forward,

for better for worse,

for richer for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

to love, cherish, and to obey,

till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance."

If you are getting married this year or next, and you just want to have a chat, I would love to hear from you!

XJanet on 0404463664

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